Best Build for Krieg in Borderlands 2

Best Build for Krieg in Borderlands 2

Since Krieg, The Psycho, entered Borderlands 2, players quickly realized that he was definitely not going to be the strongest vault hunter, but the most fun. His violent play style seemed ideal for a world like Pandora, which drove fans crazy. Enchanted with this funny character, they quickly started to invent many builds with him, and to everyone’s surprise, they made him strong.

In this guide, we will see the best build for Krieg, a character that can be a bit difficult and risky to use. On the other hand, if he has the right build and some skill, he can become a killing machine. He is even one of the characters used for speed runs in Borderlands 2. A high-risk, high-reward playstyle.

Krieg’s Best Build

Basically, this build is focused on making Krieg a beast that always has his power active. This build is made for you to kill all your enemies in short bursts of time. Also, with this build, you can abuse your melee power since you have a 100% upgrade. In addition, you are unlikely to die in the attempt, as you have a massive reduction in damage taken. This build is excellent for both solo and co-op, so abuse it as much as possible.

List of Skills

Blood-Filled Guns
+2.5% Magazine Size per Bloodlust stack.

Blood Twitch
+1.5% Weapon Swap speed per Bloodlust stack.

Taste of Blood
+0.5% damage reduction during Buzz Axe Rampage per Bloodlust stack. +30 Bloodlust stacks per kill during Buzz Axe Rampage.

Blood Overdrive
Kill Skill. Killing an enemy gives +1% Melee Damage and –0.01s Grenade Fuse Time per Bloodlust stack for a short time.

Blood Bath
Kill Skill. Killing an enemy with a grenade or explosion gives +1% weapon damage per Bloodlust stack for a short time. Enemies killed this way have a 30% chance of dropping Grenade ammunition.

Buzz Axe Bombardier
When thrown, your buzz axe now has Dynamite attached to it which explodes on impact.

Fuel the Blood
Kill Skill. Killing an enemy with a melee attack gives +1% Grenade Damage per Bloodlust stack for a short time and adds +10 Bloodlust stacks.

Boiling Blood
Increases the time before Bloodlust stacks start to decay by +2.5 seconds.

Nervous Blood
Kill Skill. Killing an enemy gives +1.5% Reload Speed per Bloodlust stack for a short time.

Killing an enemy causes them to explode with an Elemental Nova matching the element of the damage that killed it (Non-elemental damage will cause an explosive nova). Overkill damage is added to this damage. Each Bloodlust stacks increases this damage by 5%.

Empty the Rage
+20% Melee Damage; additional +50% when shields or magazine is empty.

Feed the Meat
+50% Max Health and +2.5 sec Shield Recharge Delay.

Embrace the Pain
+35% Fire Rate when shields are down. +5 sec Shield Recharge Delay.

Strip the Flesh
+15% Explosive damage; additional +15% in Fight For Your Life.

Salt the Wound
Taking damage from an enemy while your shield is down adds a stack of Salt the Wound to a maximum of 20. +7.5% Melee Damage and +5% Shotgun damage per stack.

Silence the Voices
+250% Melee Damage. 12% chance to attack yourself with melee attacks.

Release the Beast
Activating the Buzz Axe Rampage when at or below 33% of your max health remaining (i.e., when the ! is showing) instantly refills your health and transforms you into a Badass Psycho Mutant with +100% Melee Damage and +50% Damage Reduction. Buzz Axe Rampage is instantly recharged afterwards.

best krieg build

Best equipment for Krieg

Here are some of the best pieces of gear you can acquire for Krieg. This section is almost as important as your skill build.

The best weapons for Krieg

Like almost all of the weapons that were added in the Tiny Tina DLC, Ogre is a great addition to the game that became a meta for many builds. This weapon has a great splash damage capability, random fire rate improvements, and even ricochet bullets that will complement Krieg’s chaotic style very well.

The other ideal weapon for Krieg is Unkempt Harold. Like Ogre and all of Torgue’s other weapons, this powerful weapon has explosive ammunition that is very useful for short to medium-range combat. The fact that it fires 3 rounds at the same time means that you can run out of bullets very quickly but at the same time destroy large waves of enemies in a few seconds, making Krieg a dangerous but rewarding bet.

best weapon for krieg

Best Grenade for Krieg

Longbow Storm Front may not seem ideal for Krieg, but if you use it wisely, I assure you it is. Even if these grenades lose a bit of damage and are more suited for long-range attacks, they are still very useful.

You see, you are the source of damage, not the grenades. They will only serve to start doing damage and cause status effects to enemies before you have arrived. This means that when you arrive on the battlefield, the enemies are already conditioned and wounded, so you can do the rest of the damage and finish them off without any problems.

Best Shield for Krieg

The best shield for this Kriego build is The Rough Rider. This shield basically serves to take advantage of all the benefits of your skill tree, in which you must have the shield depleted. In exchange for not having a shield, you get a great resistance and health bonus. It may be a little scary at first to use a shield that basically takes away your shield, but after a while, you will see that you will survive even longer and your damage will go through the roof.

Best Shield for Krieg

Best Relic for Krieg

The best Relic for Krieg is Blood of the Ancients. There really isn’t much to say about this Relic. The vitality bonus and ammo boost are basically what Krieg needs for this build, so it’s an easy pick.

Best Class Mod for Krieg

The best mod for Krieg is Legendary Sickle. In addition to giving him a huge amount of skill tree upgrades, Krieg also gets a huge Melee damage upgrade which is great for his build.

Alternative Solo Krieg buildExplosive Krieg

This build is based on Krieg having only explosive weapons and upgrades in his build. Although it may seem a limitation, this makes the psycho a much more versatile character since you can use it in many situations regardless of whether you want to play more offensive, defensive, solo, or cooperative.

Alternative Solo Krieg build - Explosive Krieg

This was the build of Krieg, the psycho from Borderlands 2!

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