The Best Sniper Rifles in Borderlands 2

The Best Sniper Rifles in Borderlands 2

Among the vast catalog of weapons you can choose from when playing any Borderlands game, there is no doubt that Sniper Rifles are the most popular in the game. This is not a weapon that everyone loves, but without a doubt, the players who use this weapon are the most passionate about them.

However, choosing your favorite Sniper Rifle is not easy. Among these weapons, are those that have Melee Damage, others have high critical damage, and some players even prefer to use those with elemental damage and a high fire rate.

Whatever your favorite Sniper Rifle style is, here we are going to recommend you the best sniper rifle in Borderlands 2, so that next time you have to look at your options, you can choose among the best weapons in the game.


lyuda bl2


Obtained by killing Gettle in The Dust, Gettle can be found in the church of The Dust and appears in the mission The Good, the Bad, and Mordecai. Once you defeat him as part of the mission, he will always appear there so you can return and start farming.

Special ability

Also known as Lyudmila, this legendary weapon produced by Vladof stands out for firing 3 horizontal bullets for the cost of one, has great accuracy, and has a huge 125% additional critical damage. This weapon can drop with an additional effect of electricity, Slag, fire, or corrosive damage.

When should I use it?

Although it has variable elemental damage, or you can use this weapon to save ammunition, there is no doubt that its most distinctive feature is its high critical damage.

For that reason, this should be the first Sniper Rifle among our options, since we can give it the traditional use of settling far away from enemies and looking for those critical hits that will decimate them before a real fight can break out.

There is no specific recommendation on which element we should prioritize, but as we should prioritize damage and kill from a single shot, the Slag is a bit behind in the options.

Due to its high critical damage, the Vault Hunter that can get the most out of this weapon is Zero.


moloko bl2


Being another E-tech weapon, Moloko can be found in any loot, although finding it in high rarity and in your preferred element may be a bit more difficult than with the rest of the weapons.

Special Ability

Like almost all E-tech weapons, this weapon has a high chance of elemental effect in exchange for losing critical damage potential. In addition, its bullets bounce off walls and enemies.

If there is another thing Moloko stands out for, it is its increased rate of fire, which also allows the player to use it at short range.

When should I use it?

Moloko is one of the few sniper rifles that can be used in almost any case. But given the stability that the weapon loses and its ability to shoot with a huge rate of fire, the best use we can give it is melee.

This weapon can shoot in burst mode without using the scope. This will be useful in closed rooms where the ammunition will bounce from one side to the other.

Because of its elemental nature and fire rate, Gaige and Maya are the best characters to use with this Sniper Rifle.

Hot Mama

hot mama bl2


You can find this weapon by defeating Lt. Hoffman in Mt. Scarab Research Center, but remember that this boss is exclusive to the DLC Commander Lilith & the Fight for Sanctuary.

Special Ability

This powerful rifle is quite particular because it is one of the few that comes with a built-in Melee weapon.

On the other hand, it has a very precise zoom and will always come with the Fire effect, so you don’t have to farm it too often to look for alternatives.

When should I use it?

If you want to use it as a conventional Sniper Rifle, you can, but you won’t be able to take full advantage of it. We recommend that you use it to damage monsters that are far away.

You can also use it on robots or humans, but in that case, we recommend getting a little closer and using a rifle with a Shock or Corrosion effect.

On the other hand, the Vault Hunter that can get the most out of this weapon is Gaige since the fire and the safe distance will help her to get many stacks of Anarchy even before the battle starts.


pitchfork bl2


Although this powerful rifle can be obtained from any random loot, the source with the highest dropping chances is defeating Terramorphous The Invincible. Although this is a very difficult boss, and it may take you some time to defeat him, this will likely be one of the first drops.

Special Ability

Pitchfork is one of the few rifles that have functions beyond those of a rifle. This weapon gives you great stability when shooting, and although it consumes two bullets per shot, when you pull the trigger 5 of them will come out in the form of a V. In addition, you can find it in the Fire, Corrosion, Slag, and Shock elements, although there is also a chance that none of them will come out.

When should I use it?

If Sniper Rifles aren’t your thing and you’re just looking for one to add to your arsenal of weapons, Pitchfork is your best option. This is one of the most stable Sniper Rifles in the game, so your shots will always go where you are aiming.

Also, when you are zooming, you can shoot in Burst Mode, so you are basically using a machine gun with a telescopic sight.

This is one of the few rifles where the Gunzerker will benefit a lot from using it, although if you get a good element, Maya will also benefit from it.

These were the best Sniper Rifles in Borderlands 2! Of these weapons, Lyuda is without a doubt the strongest… But is it also your favorite? Tell us in the comments!

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