High on Life: How Long to Beat + Secret Ending

High on Life: How Long to Beat + Secret Ending

Since its release last December 13, High on Life has become a hit. The game developed by Squanch Games is one of the most sought-after games on Steam and Xbox and with its excellent gameplay and story that seems to combine Rick and Morty with Borderlands, it makes a lot of sense.

If you’ve just started playing it or are planning to buy it, you’re probably wondering: How long is it? How long will it take me to finish it? Once I finish it, will the game be over for good?

That’s why, in this guide, we will tell you how long the game lasts and how to continue playing it to get the secret ending when you finish it.

How many hours does High on Life last?

To understand the game’s length, you don’t need to look at any statistics or let someone else finish it and see how long it took. The developers of the videogame themselves announced on Twitter how long they suppose the High on Life campaign should last.

High on Life is supposed to last between 10 and 12 hours, but that’s not all! The game has a lot of Easter Eggs and things players can do when the game is over. With this included, Squanch Games’ adventure should last between 20 and 25 hours, so no one can complain about the game ending too quickly.

As we just told you, High on Life has a huge amount of things you can do once the game is over, and unlocking the secret ending is definitely the first one you should do. This ending not only tries to give closure to the story of the first part but also anticipates a minor spoiler: A sequel to High on Life is in development.

In addition, you also get an achievement called Sequel Bait for unlocking this secret ending.

But how do you unlock this ending?

high on life secret ending

How to unlock and get the secret ending in High on Life You can find this secret ending behind a hidden door at the top of the platforms in Unknown Sector or Human Shelter. But for that, you need to get the Human Refuge Card from Clugg’s office in Nova Sanctus.

Also, note that you can only get this secret ending once you defeat the Garmantoso Patron.

First, use the Bounty machine or the Bounty-5000 machine in your living room. From there, click the second tab and select Nova Sanctus. Next, select Clugg’s office and go through the Portal to get there.

You will find the access card for the human shelter on his desk. Collect the access card and return home. You have to use the bounty machine, again. But this time, select the Unknown Sector and go to the Human Shelter.

In the center of the Human Shelter, you will find a sign that says Do Not Climb. Contrary to the rules, climb up and head up to find the hidden door.

You can use the jetpack to climb up by leaning on the platforms. Keep going up until you see a door surrounded by red lights. There you will find a door marked “No Entry.” You can use the access card to enter the secret door.

When you go through the inner door, you will find a tunnel and a rotating fan on the Right. Then, you must stop another spinning fan to get to the secret end.

ending high on life

This has been High on Life’s duration and how to unlock the secret ending! Are you eager for the arrival of the second part?

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