How to Get Lightstone in Wild Hearts

how to get lightstone wild hearts

In Wild Hearts, you will have to upgrade your weapon to fight many of the Kemono you have to deal with. While you’ll have to gather tons of different materials for later upgrades, the early game is rather simple.

One of the early game ores you need to find is Lightstone. This ore is only found in a certain area, making it somewhat of a pain to find. This guide will show you exactly where on the map to locate Lightstone in Wild Hearts, along with a few ways of getting more Lightstone.

Where to Find Lightstone in Wild Hearts

Where to Find Lightstone in Wild Hearts

Lightstone can be found in the Fuyufusagi Fort. This is the only location where you will be able to find and mine Lightstone. You’ll discover Fuyufusagi Fort in chapter 2.

You can tell the ore is Lightstone by the orange gems and glow inside the rock. It is quite different from many of the ores, like Corestone or Mirrorstone.

Fuyufusagi Fort

If you’re having trouble finding Lightstone, check the many snowy crevices around the area. I have yet to find a single Lightstone node left out in the open. It is almost always hidden away.

Auto Farming Lightstone

Thankfully, you won’t always have to go out for a mining mission whenever you want to get some Lightstone. If you unlock the Tsukumo Ore Shrine and place it at your camp, you can have Tsukumo collect ore for you. You just have to collect the ore every now and then, as it does fill up quickly.

Depending on how far in the game, you might not have this option available. If not, you’re going to have to do some mining, sadly. So get that pickaxe and find some Lightstone.

Good luck on your Kemono hunting!

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