The best Stances and Skills for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

The best Stances and Skills for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Since its release at the end of March, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor has garnered all kinds of positive reviews. Even so, there are many players who find it difficult to understand the combat mode of this game, which is through Stances. This confusion does not only happen with players new to the saga, as those who played Jedi: Fallen Order only had two Stances to use.

As if this were not enough, this game also has a large number of skills to learn. All these options can overload players. Therefore, we will take a load off your mind by explaining all the Stances, in what context they are used, and all the skills in the game.

What are the stances and how do they work?

Stances are the different styles that our protagonist has to fight, which depend on the different effects we achieve with our different weapons. Although we can use them in all circumstances, they are much more important when we want to use them in melee combat. This is because we can better detect the strengths and weaknesses of the opponent and, based on this, use the position that best suits us.

If, on the other hand, we find ourselves in massive combat with different types of enemies, the game still gives you the possibility to rotate between two stances. Although you can’t use all five, rotating between two stances during the battle according to the way you progress will be a great help.

These are the five stances and their functions

Single lightsaber

  • This is the perfect balance between attack and defense.

Double lightsaber

  • This should be your first choice when facing large groups of enemies.

Dual lightsabers

  • Although lacking much in defense, this ultra-offensive stance will finish off your enemies with quick strikes in a matter of seconds.

Lightsaber + Blaster

  • This stance takes away a lot of defensive power, but it is not as offensive as the previous one. Because of its range, this style is ideal for combats in which you need to attack with a long range.

Cross lightsaber

  • The sword becomes really very heavy, but it becomes so powerful that you can use it to break shields.
   Dual lightsabers

How are the stances used?

In meditation circles, they are not only used to improve skills, use fast travel, equip perks, or save games. You can also use them to choose stances since as mentioned above, you can only equip two at a time. If we want to change them, we must return to a meditation circle and choose the one that suits us best according to the scenarios that come up.

How should we upgrade skills in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor?

In Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, as in its predecessor, we have a variety of skill trees to further improve the capabilities of Cal Kestis in the meditation points. From survival, mastery with lightsaber stances, or Force powers, we have quite a few skills at our disposal…. And, as they are initially locked, you may wonder which are the best to buy in your first hours.

Best initial skills to unlock first

Below you will find a summary of the best skills to unlock first in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, divided into three tree categories (survival, lightsaber, and Force).

  • Lunge (Single Laser Sword)
  • Survival Skills (Survival – Resilience)
  • Impending Tempest (Double Laser Sword)
  • Recoil Cut (Dual Swords)
  • Enhanced Stimulant Formula (Survival – Resilience)
  • Tearing Pull (Strength – Telekinesis)
  • Channeled Energy (Force – Jedi Concentration)
  • Cyclone Slash (Single Laser Blade)
  • Bewildered Mind (Force – Confusion)
  • Enhanced Control (Force – Jedi Concentration)
  • Improved footwork (Individual lightsaber)
  • Teamwork (Survival – Resilience)
  • Circular Thrust (Force – Telekinesis)
Best initial skills to unlock first

Of course, you can choose to invest in these skills in the order you prefer according to your gameplay preferences, although we recommend you to invest first in the survival branch and lightsaber stances, to finally follow with the Force ones and intermingle one and the other.

Keep in mind that the skills that can be purchased are unlocked little by little as you get more skill points and advance in the story, and logically according to the ones you acquire.

Survival Skills

  • Survival skills (1 point): increase Cal’s maximum life.
  • Enhanced Stimulant Formula (1 point): Cal regains additional life when using a vial of BD-1 stimulants.
  • Teamwork (1 point): reduces the time needed to heal with a BD-1 stimulant.

Laser Sword skills

  • Lunge (1 point): performs a powerful lunge.
  • Impending Tempest (1 point): performs quick attacks against a single enemy.
  • Backlash slash (1 point): attack and jump backward to distance yourself from the target.
  • Cyclone slash (2 points): After a basic attack, perform a powerful downward slash.
  • Improved footwork (1 point): Lunge now reaches farther

It is worth mentioning that your investment of points in lightsaber skills will depend on the stances you use most to fight. However, this seems to us to be the right way to invest in the first three stances you will have available in your first few hours, the most important being the single lightsaber as it is the most balanced.

expert survival skills jedi survivor

Strength Skills

  • Tearing Pull (1 point): pulls groups of nearby enemies.
  • Channeled Energy (1 point): Cal recovers more Strength when defeating an enemy and recovers a little when reaching an opponent who is blocking.
  • Bewildered Mind (1 point): Increases the amount of time enemies attack others when they are confused.
  • Greater Control (1 point): Increases the duration of the Brake effect on enemies.
  • Circular Push (1 point): performs a Push on the surroundings and causes enemies to stagger.
jedi survivor

These were the best Stances and skills for you to master Star Wars Jedi: Survivor as fast as possible! What is your favorite Stance? Tell us in the comments.

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