Best Build For Gaige The Mechromancer – Borderlands 2

Best Build For Gaige The Mechromancer - Borderlands 2

One of the main attractions of the Mechromancer in Borderlands 2 is that she can be played almost any way. Despite the fact that a lot of people like to cause havok and shoot all over the place, Gaige has a very underrated build, in which she relies almost entirely on Deathtrap. 

Therefore, in this guide, we will look at the best builds for Gaige and also learn a bit more about this particular build. 

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The Deathtrap Build  

For this build, we will focus on the Tree Best Friends Forever skill. 

This Skill Tree allows Gaige to boost Deathtrap’s performance to the max. Although Gaige will also gain some things, most of it is made to directly help Deathtrap, allowing him not only to tank but to have a higher DPS than Gaige herself. One of the most prominent skills is Sharing is Compassionate, which allows Deathtrap to have a shield to be able to resist much more in combat.

The Deathtrap Build  - borderlands 2

Best Robot: 

  • While Deathtrap is active, if either you or Deathtrap kills an enemy, it increases the duration of Deathtrap by 5 seconds and grants you both a 4% stackable melee damage bonus. Bonuses are lost when Deathtrap disappears. 

Close enough: 

  • Your bullets that hit walls or other objects have a 50% chance to ricochet to a nearby enemy dealing 50% damage. 

Gorilla Force of Five : 

  • Increases your melee and Deathtrap damage by +15%. 

Sharing is Compassionate : 

  • Grants a copy of your shield to Deathtrap. 

Robot of Advantages : 

  • While Deathtrap is active, if either you or Deathtrap kill an enemy, increase the duration of Deathtrap by 5 seconds and grant you both a cumulative 4% melee damage bonus. The bonuses are lost when Deathtrap disappears. 

Cooldown : 

  • Increases the cooldown rate of your action ability by +30%. 

Annoying Android : 

  • Increases the movement speed of Deathtrap by +28%. 

Cooking up trouble: 

  • While your weapon’s magazine is full, you regenerate 2% of maximum health per second. 

Fancy Math: 

  • Improve your shield reload time (up to -70%) and shield reload speed (up to +60%) based on your health level. The lower your health, the greater the bonuses. 

The Better Half: 

  • When your magazine is at least half empty, you get a +60% rate of fire. 

Unstoppable Strength : 

  • When killing an enemy, you gain +35% movement speed and +4% shield regeneration for a short period of time. 


  • Grants you +30% Shock Damage Resistance. It also increases your shield capacity by +15%. 

Smaller, Lighter, Faster: 

  • Increases your reload speed by +24%, but reduces your magazine size by –4%. 

Anarchy : 

  • Killing an enemy or completely emptying your weapon’s magazine in combat grants you one stack of Anarchy (up to 150 stacks). For each stack of Anarchy, you have, you gain a +1.75% weapon damage bonus, but your accuracy decreases by -1.75%. Prematurely reloading your weapons removes all Anarchy stacks. Anarchy stacks are quickly lost while you are in “Fight for your life”. 

Preshrunk Cyberpunk : 

  • Increases the maximum number of Anarchy stacks you can have by +250. 
mechromancer deathtrap build skill tree


After having the best possible skill tree, we should focus on equipping Gaige so that she is not 100% dependent on Deathtrap. For that, we should focus on weapons that can take advantage of the point we made in Anarchy and generate as much chaos as possible. 

Best Weapons for Gaige

Note: If you take Smaller, Lighter, Faster on Gaige, you won’t be able to use your Infinity Pistol. If your Infinity Pistol doesn’t shoot or doesn’t have ammo, see whether or not you have this skill.

Maggie Trick Shot 

Maggie Trick Shot 

The Trick Shot allows the weapon to ricochet bullets by default, the maggie works like the Masher weapons of borderlands 1, and with Gaiges close enough, ricocheting bullets do not lose their damage reduction. This works the same as the fibber but is more suited for boss fights, but the fibber is more suited for crowd control. 

Shock Conference 

It works very well with bouncing from up close, as well as maintaining its normal damage and doing shock damage. 

Since Gaige will send Deathtrap to do the dirty work most of the time, The Bee is the best choice. We can recharge this shield’s passive while Deathtrap is fighting or on cooldown, and when we come out, we will do a large amount of damage using the weapons mentioned above to as many enemies as possible. The key to this combination will be that these weapons are made to generate chaos, so avoid targeting a single enemy. If you use the first few seconds wisely, before you lose The Bee’s passive, you will have done destructive damage. 

Mod: Chaotic Necromancer good 

Increases the rate of fire and reload speed. 

 +3 Made of Sterner Stuff 

 +2 Strength of Five Gorillas 

 +2 Wires don’t talk 

Complementing the rest of the build, this mod will give more power to Deathtrap.

Lightning Bolt/Chain Lightning Grenade 

 These grenades get a wonderful boost from Gaiges’ shock abilities. 

Lightning Bolt/Chain Lightning Grenade 


There is no specific relic that we can recommend for Gaige. Normally, she tends to benefit most from any relic that has a good Shock Damage upgrade, as she uses it a lot in her Skill Tree. 

An alternate build: Gaige Anarchy Build

This build is a combination of the Deathtrap build with Anarchy’s build. Basically, we can build it in the same way, but with the big difference that Deathtrap will not be as helpful as in the previous build, but Gaige will do much more damage on her own. In those cases, Deathtrap will be a good help, but more of a shield or a bait for us to do damage.

Gaige anarchy build skill tree

This has been our build for Gaige focused on Deathtrap! What did you think of your partner’s power after focusing so much on him? Tell us in the comments!

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