Best Build for Zero in Borderlands 2

Best Build for Zero in Borderlands 2

There is no doubt that Zero is the most interesting and fun character in Borderlands 2. Like a strange combination of Mordecai and Brick from Borderlands 1, this character can be lethal at both close and long range.

In this guide, we will know the best build for Zero in BL2.

Best build for Zero

With Zero we should choose the most traditional and, at the same time, effective build: The Sniper Build. This build is excellent for cooperative play, as you can protect your allies from long distances. If you want to use it in a single build, it is just as effective since its lethality is immense, and, to make it even better, your chances of dying are null, since all your kills should be from a position where you are safe.

List of Skills:

+20% Critical Hit Damage.

Kill Skill. Killing an enemy gives you +50% Critical Hit Damage and +75% Reload Speed for a few seconds.

+25% Accuracy.

Shots pierce through enemies, gaining +100% damage per enemy pierced. Enemy crit locations highlighted in Decepti0n.

Kill C0nfirmed
Up to +40% Critical Hit Damage depending on how long you aim down the sights.

At 0ne with the Gun
+125% Hip-Shot accuracy, +50% Reload Speed, and +5 Magazine Size with Sniper Rifles.

Critical Ascensi0n
Scoring a Critical Hit with a Sniper Rifle gives you +6% Critical Hit Damage and +5% Damage with Sniper Rifles. Can stack up to 999 times. Stacks begin to decay if you haven’t scored a critical hit in a while.

Fast Hands
+25% Reload Speed and +50% Weapon Swap Speed.

+20% damage when attacking enemies from behind or when attacking an enemy who is targeting someone other than you.

Rising Sh0t
Each successful ranged or melee attack gives you +10% Gun Damage and +9% Melee Damage for a short time. This bonus can stack up to 5 times. Faster weapons can gain stacks more quickly, but slower weapons retain stacks for a longer period of time.

Ir0n Hand
+15% Melee Damage and Maximum Health.

Kill Skill. Killing an enemy regenerates +3.5% of your shield per second and gives +7.5% Action Skill cooldown rate for a few seconds.

Kill Skill. Killing an enemy gives +40% Movement Speed, +30% Gun Damage, and +40% Melee Damage for a few seconds.

Best Zero Build Skills

Best Zero Build Skills

Best weapons for Zero

Among the two best weapons for Zero, there are two of them. Luckily, you don’t have to choose, as you can carry more than one weapon at the same time.

First of all, you should opt for the Longbow. This legendary weapon that you get when you kill a Badass Creeper (in the Minecraft easter egg) is ideal for Zero, as it gives him a huge critical damage boost, enhanced damage, and incendiary bullets. It also has a parabolic shot that you may find hard to use at first, but you’ll soon see how much it helps you.

The other weapon is the Sincere Friend. This is another Sniper Rifle that will be a great help for this build, as not only is it one of the few legendary rifles that have a melee combat upgrade, but it can also ignore shields. With the right equipment, this can be destructive, and with this build, it will be.

Best weapons for Zero

Best Relic for Zero

The best Relic for Zero in this build is Bone of the Ancients. This Relic allows Zero to upgrade one of his elemental damage. In Zero’s case, for example, he can take advantage of the fire upgrade if he is using The Longbow.

Best Class Mod for Zero

Either Legendary Sniper or One Shot Sniper would be excellent Class Mods for Zero, but for this build, we’ll stick with Legendary Sniper.

This Class Mod is excellent for Zero because aside from the Class Tree improvements, Zero also receives a ridiculous improvement in his base damage and critical damage with his Sniper Rifle. In addition, he also receives a huge shield upgrade. Normally this would be unnecessary, as Zero is usually safe, but it is inevitable that at times you will be at risk, and The Bee’s weakness is that the shield can be somewhat weak. With this build, you can forget about this, as it puts The Bee almost at the defensive level of any shield.

Best shield for Zero

Although The Antagonist is a good alternative, there is no doubt that the best shield for Zero is The Bee. By itself, it is the best shield for almost every character, but in Sniper Zero, it shines even more. The Bee allows Zero to do enormous damage with his rifle, since Zero attacks at a safe distance, making it difficult for him to lose the Bee’s damage bonus. This, added to the damage of the Sincere Friend will allow you to take down almost all enemies in one hit.

Best shield for Zero

Best Grenades for Zero

There are several grenades for Zero. You can choose between Magic Missile, Leech, or Chain Lightning.

But if we have to choose only one for this build, it will be Leech. This grenade allows Zero to get back into the game after a critical moment since the difference from other transfusion grenades is its ability to heal the user at the exact moment when he does damage. Unlike other grenades, Zero should not use them to do damage, but they should serve only as a utilitarian way to escape from a situation that could get complicated.

Best alternative build for Zero

Melee Assasin Zero

This build is another of the most used builds in Zero. Basically, it is made to exploit all its advantages as a melee character and do extraordinary damage in short combat. His only weakness is that he is a bit more exposed to taking damage, but if you practice enough and understand when to use his skills, this won’t be a problem and you will be able to enjoy one of the most fun and agile characters in the game.

Melee Assasin Zero

Those were the best builds for Zero in Borderlands 2!

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