Best DLCs in the Borderlands Saga

Best DLCs in the Borderlands Saga

Borderlands is notorious for having loads of content already in the base game. Guns with near-infinite combinations that would take you your entire life before you could see them all.

However, the DLCs in the Borderlands series have always surprised players with how much they add and how unique and interesting they often are. Quirky characters that didn’t get much attention in the base game can finally shine in their own DLCs.

This list will focus on the best DLCs in the Borderlands saga and include some of the greatest DLCs to hit gaming in general. Obviously, this is rather opinionated, so don’t think that if your favorite DLC didn’t end up on the list, it isn’t good. This is merely our opinion!

1: Mr.Torgue’s Campaign of Carnage

This DLC introduced a new type of currency in Borderlands 2, Torgue’s codes, which allowed us to obtain special loot from vending machines.

The multiple musical references and the fun personality of Mr. Torgue finished shaping a DLC that, besides having everything you would expect from Borderlands, would also give us a lot of dialogue from one of our favorite characters.

In Torgue fashion, this was an explosive DLC.

Mr.Torgue's Campaign of Carnage

2: The Secret Armory of General Knoxx

The Secret Armory of General Knoxx was the third DLC for the original Borderlands game and added some of the most interesting content at the time.

Not only did this DLC introduce the first raid boss in the Borderlands series, Crawmerax, but it also added Pearlescent items, the rarest item type in all of the games!

While the DLC itself is a bit dated now, it is still a fun time with an intriguing story and strong concepts that are still maintained today. Where would the Borderlands games be without this DLC?

The Secret Armory of General Knoxx

3: Mad Moxxi’s Underdome Riot

This DLC may be very underrated, but it’s a lot of fun. While other DLCs are story-driven, in this one, you just have to kill enemies in three different arenas. Easy enough, right? It may not be the best DLC in the game, but it’s a great alternative for those who want a good challenge and to shoot things.

Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot

4: Dr. Ned’s Zombie Island

With a typical Halloween setting, Dr. Ned’s Zombie Island turned all of Pandora’s psychopaths into zombies, with a special guest: Dr. Ned. A doctor who was familiar to us and who left us some other pearls in his enjoyable campaign, full of zombie brains to collect in one of its multiple secondary missions. During an era where everything was zombie-themed, Dr. Ned’s DLC still sticks out.

With nostalgia, fun missions, and an excellent atmosphere for fans of terror, we are comfortable playing one of our favorite games. Dr. Ned’s Zombie Island has it all.

Dr. Ned's Zombie Island

5: Captain Scarlett and her Pirate Booty

Captain Scarlett and her pirate booty was a refreshing starting point for the expansions in Borderlands 2 due to its setting outside of what we had seen so far in Pandora, with that pirate theme and the search for a treasure with a final surprise.

This DLC has many funny moments, giving us to understanding that at any moment, Captain Scarlett will betray us, and when this finally happens, it is worth the wait. In addition, it introduced us to Shade, a character with an extraordinary charisma that would be repeated in Tales from the Borderlands.

Captain Scarlett and her Pirate Booty

6: The new Claptrap Revolution

This DLC has one of the most exaggerated and raunchy framings of the entire saga because of those missions of Tannis in search of Claptrap components (where there was a tiny percentage of getting panties, bags with fish, and pizzas).

With that out of the way, there’s just one thing to note: This DLC is excellent. The game is full of enemy claptraps. If you also played Borderlands 2, you should know that destroying Claptraps is really cathartic.

The new legendary weapons are also excellent and, without a doubt, we still have to talk about the best part of the game: the ending. Without spoiling what happens at the end of the DLC, we will only say that the huge boss will bring many unforgettable memories and, of course, a huge loot that accompanies it.

The new Claptrap Revolution

7: Guns, Love, and Tentacles

This is the second DLC of Borderlands 3 and, undoubtedly, the best.

The story is about the wedding of Sir Wainwright and Sir Hammerlock. Hammerlock may have disappointed with his DLC in Borderlands 2, but here he is vindicated.

His entries are excellent. His quests are fun, and for those who think more about the usefulness of the DLC than the story itself, you should know that this adventure comes with eight new legendary weapons. Definitely a must-play

Guns, Love, and Tentacles

8: Commander Lilith and the Fight for Sanctuary

At the time, this DLC was a preview for Borderlands 3, acting as a link between the two games. The result? Commander Lilith and the fight for Sanctuary left us with some generally fun missions (especially the ones with Tiny Tina and her adorable sense of humor) and a bunch of great guests.

Now, this DLC may no longer be free, but it’s still worth paying just to experience it.

Commander Lilith and the Fight for Sanctuary

10: Claptastic Journey

Saving the initial stretch, where it takes a little while for the story to take off, the only expansion of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel enjoys the best moments thanks to that mix of situations taken directly from the subconscious of Claptrap itself. We will find a little bit of everything: from winks to the first Borderlands to surreal scenes. Complete and varied, it is gaining integers as we delve into its history.

Excellent graphics, deep story, very good loot, entertaining enemies, and callbacks from previous games. All these ingredients make this, without a doubt, one of the best DLCs of the whole saga.

Claptastic Journey

11: Tiny Tina Assaults the Dragon Dungeon

With Tiny Tina assaults the dragon’s dungeon, everyone agrees that this DLC was amazing. That’s how all expansions should be, excellent from beginning to end. The charisma of the adorable Tiny Tina soars with this story, where we simulate playing a game of dragons and dungeons, breaking the fourth wall with all kinds of situations where scenes are modified according to Tina herself, the game master.

The DLC, which was later released as a separate game, undoubtedly has the best and most innovative graphics of all the DLCs. The loot is not only excellent, but it is fun (you will see what we mean), and, as if this were not enough, in the end, we will know a side of Tina that does not appear in the original game and more than one will bring a tear to your eye. This list may not be ordered from worst to best, but this is the best DLC of the whole saga.

tiny tina dlc

And those were are choices for the best DLCs in the entire Borderlands series! Do you agree or strongly disagree? Let us know in the comments, thanks!

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