Best Solo Character in Borderlands 2


Borderlands 2 came out over a decade ago, and the Borderlands series has continued to pump out more and more games/DLCs. So even though Borderlands 2 might arguably be the best game in the series, there will likely not be as many players as there were a decade ago.

So with this lack of players, selecting a character in Borderlands 2 that can be played solo is more important than ever. Friends? Who needs them?

So this article will go over the best solo character in Borderlands 2, why some characters might be better than others for solo play, and the many options available to a lonely vault hunter.

Can You Solo Everything in Borderlands 2?

Can You Solo Everything in Borderlands 2?

Yes, you can absolutely solo everything in Borderlands 2. The game was meant to be a single-player game, with co-op as an added bonus.

I still remember playing Borderlands 2 as a kid with no internet. Not only did I not have access to all the guides, tips, and glitches online, but I also had nobody to play with unless somebody came over and split-screened. And even then, we mainly dueled and trolled each other instead of trying to beat the game.

When I did end up fighting Terramorphous the Invincible, I was a bit skeptical about whether I could beat him, but it was simply another hurdle.

So while yes, playing with other players in Borderlands 2 is easier (even if the enemies scale up with more players), that doesn’t mean it is impossible to solo the game yourself. Just take a look at a few good guides, and you’ll be able to beat even the highest OP levels solo.

What’s the Easiest Character for Soloing Borderlands 2?

What's the Easiest Character for Soloing Borderlands 2?

The easiest character for soloing Borderlands 2 is either Axton or Gaige the Mechromancer. These two have access to little AI helpers (turrets and a robot) that require no input from the player. I can’t imagine an easier character existing. Just press a button and win the game.

Most of the time, when playing either of these two characters, you can simply spam your action button and run through enemies. Your turret/robot will take most of the aggro and kill the enemies for you. This makes going through missions an absolute breeze.

Now, these two aren’t super reliant on their AI buddies. Axton, for example, has many different builds that focus on his damage rather than his turret’s. Axton’s grenade build is a great example of this.

Gaige also has a super fun Anarchy build that increases her gun damage by insane amounts but also decreases her accuracy by a similar amount. You end up with a whacky playstyle that looks like a fully automated .50 cal rifle.

So these characters are not only the easiest characters for soloing BL2 but also some of the most fun.

Best Solo Character in Borderlands 2

Best Solo Character in Borderlands 2

The best solo character in Borderlands 2 probably has to be Salvador, the Gunzerker. Simply put, Salvador is a broken mess. Not only has he constantly been seen as the best character in the series since his inception, but he is SO much fun on top of it.

Every other character in Borderlands has to decide what gun to use in a fight. Often wondering, should they use an Unkempt Harold, a Lyuda, or a Conference Call? Salvador doesn’t care about any of that. He brings two to every fight.

But that’s not even the best part; Salvador gets the crit bonuses of both weapons when gunzerking. This means something with high crit damage, like the Lady Fist, will apply the extra crit percentage to the other weapon Salvador is gunzerking with. And because Salvador has skills that give him pistol bonuses, certain weapons like the Lady Fist and Grog Nozzle become even better.

Also, Salvador doesn’t care about running out of ammo, either. For whatever god-forsaken reason, the devs decided he should be able to regenerate ammo. So the one downside to dual-wielding, using all your ammo, is pretty-much negated once you get far enough down Salvador’s skill tree.

I could really write an entire 10-page essay on just how broken Salvador is, but I think you get it by now. The Gunzerker is the best solo character in Borderlands 2 and quite possibly the strongest character in the entire series.

Best Solo Class for UVHM

The best solo class for UVHM, or Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode, will be Salvador again. This is because, by the time you get to UVHM, you’ll already be at a high enough level to acquire most of the skills Salvador needs to get going.

Gaige and Axton, for example, are pretty good early on when their action skill can kill most enemies by itself, but the later it goes, the less those builds work. Instead, you’ll focus on the best guns and shields you can find so that your character is powerful.

Best End-Game Character (OP-10) in BL2

For end-game characters and OP 10, the best characters in Borderlands 2 will be Salvador, Zero, and Krieg.

Salvador and Zero have almost no issues with the higher OP levels. They are great at raid-bossing and mobbing and can do well with most of the best weapons in the game. Krieg, on the other hand, is SUPER strong but also hard to use.

Krieg has the most unique playstyle out of all the BL2 characters but is, without a doubt, the hardest to play and set up. With Bloodsplosion, Krieg can one-shot raid bosses, something few other characters can achieve. Terramorphous, for example, can be one-shot with Bloodsplosion. The only problem is knowing what you’re doing and setting it up properly to work. High risk, high reward.

Krieg is considered the most difficult character to play, so if you’d like a real challenge, I’d go for him.

Otherwise, Salvador and Zer0 are amazing for OP levels and are the best end-game characters in Borderlands 2.

So, while all the characters in Borderlands 2 are good for solo, the absolute best characters to play will be Salvador and Zero if you want to do high OP levels.

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