Best Zero Build – Borderlands 2

best zero build borderlands 2

Out of the large roster of characters in Borderlands 2, none fit the “one-shot one-kill” mantra quite like Zero. In this article, I will show you the best Zero build in Borderlands 2 and a few other builds that fit specific playstyles. Like a melee build or a solo Zero build.

Each one of these builds will go up to level 80 and max OP lvl (OP10, so they will be viable for every scenario.

Best Zero Sniping Build

Best Zero Sniping Build

Nobody handles a sniper quite like Zero.

For a Zero sniping build, you will want to put most of your points in the sniping tree (duh) and the cunning tree. You’ll also put a few points in the bloodshed tree to round out the build.

The sniping tree has many different abilities in it that make it amazing for just about every Zero build, especially B0re, which is the main skill utilized to one-shot the Bunker. B0re, for those that don’t know, does more damage the more enemies you pierce through. So for enemies like the Bunker, with crit spots that are overlayed on top of each other, you can do exponential damage.


Of course, that’s not the only reason. We also want to get to critical ascension for its damage boost. It gives us +6% critical strike damage and 5% sniper rifle damage for every crit we hit, stacking up to 999 times.

critical ascension zero

Obviously, some of the other skills are incredibly nice as well, HeadSh0t giving us some extra critical damage for free and One Shot One Kill giving us even more damage with our first bullet.

For the cunning tree, we are trying to avoid as many melee-specific abilities as possible while still getting the bottom of the tree for Death Blossom.

Bloodshed isn’t very important; just grab the few that are seen in the image above.

For Sniping, make sure to get these skills:

  • Headshot 
  • Killer 
  • Precision
  • Bore 
  • Kill Confirmed 
  • Velocity
  • At One with the Gun
  • Critical Ascension


gear for zero build

So the gear you will want/need for the Zero sniper build is as follows:

  • Grenade: Transfusion
  • Shield: Antagonist/Blockade/Bee
  • Sniper: low-level droog (to get stacks), Snider to finish them off
  • Relic: Heart of the Ancients Relic
  • Class Mod: Legendary Sniper / One Shot Sniper

Gear is obviously one of the most important parts of any build in Borderlands 2. The above gear recommendations are just recommendations based on the build itself, but some other gear can be slotted in if the need arises.

For example, for the snipers, you can swap in an Amigo Sincero instead for good non-elemental damage or others like Hot Mama (which does have elemental damage). The Pimpernel is one of the better weapons to use when B0ring, so you can swap that in when needed as well.

As for the shields, relics, and grenades, these are determined mainly by the survivability problems that Zero faces when slotting in the Legendary Sniper class mod. Because that class mod reduces your shield tremendously, you are trying to slot in shields and relics that won’t be hindered by such a large drop in shield capacity.

With this Zero sniping build, you will be able to perform extremely well with no issues. It is one of the more popular builds for Zero and can easily go up to OP10.

If you have any questions or think I missed something, drop a comment below! Thank you.

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