Borderlands 2 Best Axton Builds

axton builds borderlands 2

When we start playing Borderlands 2, our choices are usually Zero, Maya, or Salvador. Axton is usually considered the weakest and irrelevant character of the 4 since his stats are lower.  

This is a big mistake, because, to the surprise of many, Axton is one of the strongest characters in the game. In this guide, you will learn about the best Axton builds in Borderlands 2, and how to go about building him.

The Turret Build 

The advantage of this build is your turret will deal good damage and on top of that, it will also slag enemies, which allows Axton to deal greater damage. This double-up build is great for solo because you not be relying on your turrets for survivability. In Co-op, this build is highly appreciated; while your turrets are slagging and distracting the opponents, your team will be taking care of more complicated enemies.

This build is relying on the skill Double Up in the Guerrilla skill tree, adding slag and a second gun on the sabre turret.

The axton Turret Build - borderlands 2

List of Skills:


  • +5 shot per burst and +10s duration for Sabre Turret.


  • +40% Reload Speed.


  • +75% Shield Recharge Rate and –60% Shield Recharge Delay.


  • Kill Skill. Killing an enemy gives you +30% Gun Damage and +60% Movement Speed for a short time.

Scorched Earth:

  • Adds Multi-Rocket Pods to your Sabre Turret. 22 Rockets per Volley.

Able 4:

  • Damaging an enemy regenerates +1.6% of your Maximum Health per second for 3 seconds.

Double Up:

  • Adds a second gun to the Sabre Turret and both guns fire Slag bullets.


  • +20% Gun Damage and +15% Melee Damage.


  • +70% weapon swap and aim speed; +35% movement speed when aiming.

Longbow Turret:

  • +10000% Turret Deploy Range, +110% Turret Health.


  • +30% Gun, Melee, and Grenade damage while turret is deployed.


  • +9% shield capacity; regenerate +1.2% health per second when shields are full.
axton turret build skill tree

Equipment for This Build

Everything we have been talking about how to distribute the points and some details that complement the Borderlands 2 Axton build. It would not make sense if we do not have the necessary tools to enjoy its great power. 

Now it’s time to talk about what, in general terms, is the first thing we look for in any game. It’s time to talk about the weapons that will make Axton the best option for Borderlands 2. 

Of course, the small number of points that we allocate to the weapon tree will have an impact on the artillery we can count on.

Axton benefits a lot from the Torque weapons because when we use abilities that increase the damage of the grenades, we also have a bonus for the projectiles.  

In this build, we don’t have many abilities that improve grenade damage, but we can still give them some points to work. 


Since we won’t focus on our damage and rely on turrets, we should use weapons that are powerful on their own, and those are shotguns. 

The best shotguns that Axton benefits from are Swordsplosion, The Omen, and Flakker

Remember that before using these weapons, you should have some confidence in yourself as you can’t make mistakes. As they are short-range weapons, a wrong move will automatically cause you to lose. 

bad touch flakker axton build gear


axton shields - antagonist

With the current items, there is no shield that works particularly well with Axton. But if you want us to recommend one, you should definitely use The Antagonist.  

This shield will serve you well to cover a large part of the damage done by enemies, and even better, you will be able to return that damage and not depend only on your turret.

Grenade Mod: Purple Magic Missile 

This mod fires several slag projectiles, which dock on the nearest target and, upon impact, explode into a cloud of slag. 

Now, there are a few things you should know about this mod: first of all, there are two versions. 

The purple one creates four projectiles but with less accuracy, while the blue one creates two of them with high hit changes and a higher range. Normally, everyone usually chooses the violet, but at the end of the day, the choice is yours.

Secondly, the capacity of the grenades will not be a problem, as the grenades regenerate slowly.  Just be careful when you throw them on the ground; they will bounce off the ground and immediately head for a target. 

Class Mod: Legendary Soldier 

Class Mod: Legendary Soldier 

 This class mod is rad. Unlike other legendary mods, this will increase 6 of your skills by five more points at max level, these skills being the two starting skills in the three skill trees. In addition, it also increases the cooldown speed, fire rate, and weapon damage by up to 51%, 24%, and 42%, respectively, depending on the mod itself. 

 On the other hand, consider that the tree distribution for weapons will be directly benefited by using this mod. So it is more than recommended if you are looking for the ultimate expression of Axton’s power. 

Solo Axton Build: The Gemini Build

With this solo build, you will rely more on your turrets; the fact is you will be able to deploy two turrets simultaneously. Believe me, with two turrets, you feel safe, and in addition, you can deploy them on walls and ceilings, which is useful against bosses.

Solo and in Co-op, the Gemini build is quite enjoyable. You let your turrets do the work while you go exploring the surroundings.

This build relies on the skill Gemini which allows you to deploy two turrets.

Solo Axton Build: The Gemini Build

These have been the best builds for Axton! Are you eager to use his turrets to destroy your enemies? Let us know in the comments how you did with this build!

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