jedi survivor game breaking bug

The recent release of Jedi Survivor has been filled with bugs and performance issues causing many negative reviews and refunds, with certain players not even being able to get through the tutorial planet and PC players seemingly having the hardest FPS issues.

Well, there is apparently another massively game-breaking bug in Jedi Survivor that happens pretty early in the game on the planet Koboh. On a mission to fix the Mantis by finding a Gyro, you come across a robot named Zee. You’ll have to free Zee by completing some simple puzzles, and afterward, you will be able to ascend on an elevator and head to the cantina nearby.

Apparently, if you continue going about the game without resting at a meditation point, you will respawn at the bottom of the chamber. As of right now, there is no way to leave the chamber if this happens! You will be stuck down there, and your only option is to restart the game and have to do all the missions over again.

This is honestly a massively game-breaking bug that can lose some players hours of gameplay. I’ve had my fair share of crashes during my short period of playing the game (I had to stop after it crashed five times in a row eventually), but nothing that forced me to reset all my progress.

It is times like these when you wish the game had a better save/autosave system rather than the hardcore save system they currently have. Being able to load from two different points would have solved the issue.

Right now, there doesn’t seem to be a fix other than using a meditation spot immediately. EA has promised updates for the various platforms so we will see if those come out quickly.

Update 5/1/2023: It seems the recent PC patch has fixed the issue, preventing players from being hard-stuck in the chamber of duality.

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